Pick-up Possibilities

Chris Cillizza has a good list up of House seats he thinks are likely to switch.  To hone in on a few pick-up chances:

5. Texas’ 22nd district (D): Rep. Nick Lampson (D) won this Houston-area seat thanks to the controversies surrounding retiring Rep. Tom DeLay (R) in 2006. That unique set of circumstances won’t repeat itself again. (Previous ranking: 5)

8. Pennsylvania’s 11th district (D): The Fix recently spent a night in Scranton (Catholic field hockey beat the University of Scranton 3-1!), and saw a few of Rep. Paul Kanjorski‘s (D) television ads. They were, um, not good. Kanjorski appears to still have a political heartbeat in his race against Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta (R) but it is faint. (Previous ranking: 7)

14. New Hampshire’s 1st district (D): In a cycle where Republicans don’t feel particularly good about their chances almost anywhere, this seat is a rare exception. Private GOP polling has former Rep. Jeb Bradley (R) ahead of Rep. Carol Shea Porter (D) and the NRCC is spending on his behalf. (Previous ranking: 14)

19. Alabama’s 5th district (D): This is a seat where the two sides vehemently disagree. Democrats believe state Sen. Parker Griffith (D) is putting the race away (and have internal polling to prove it) while Republicans see Griffith losing ground to three-time nominee Wayne Parker. That’s why they have elections. (Previous ranking: 19)

22. Louisiana’s 6th district (D): Rep. Don Cazayoux (D) has strengthened his position in recent weeks but still faces a tough race against a two-headed opponent: state Sen. Bill Cassidy (R) and state Rep. Michael Jackson, a Democrat running as an independent. Much depends on how much of the black vote Jackson is able to siphon away from Cazayoux. (Previous ranking: 16)


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