Senate Polls 10/20

Some polling updates from over the past few days:


Stevens (R) 46 (44)
Begich (D) 48 (50)

It’s getting closer.

North Carolina:

Dole (R) 45 (48)
Hagan (D) 49 (42)

Close, but not a good trend.  Dole has a new ad up hitting Hagan on her avoidance of taking stands on certain big issues (the bailout, tax policy, and drilling).  We’ll see if that makes any impression.


Collins (R) 53 (57)
Allen (D) 40 (38)

It’s narrowing a little bit, but even Kos admits that Allen probably doesn’t have enough time to close the gap.


Coleman (R) 39
Franken (D) 41
Barkley (I) 18

Those are some crazy numbers.  Coleman’s approval rating isn’t where it should be.  He’ll have to keep fighting.


McConnell (R) 46 (50)
Lunsford (D) 42 (37)

Another narrowing lead.  Let’s see if Mitch can regain the momentum in the closing weeks.


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