House Polls 10/22

A few numbers from recent polls.

In CT-04, Chris Shays still has a chance.  He and Jim Himes are tied at 44%.  Shays has been hitting failed regulators hard in the wake of the financial crisis.  He needs to keep emphasizing REFORM REFORM REFORM.  This district is not very favorable to Republicans.  The fact that Shays has been keeping it so close shows his appeal in this district.

More troubling numbers from ID-01.  Incumbent Bill Sali trails his Democratic challenger by six points: 45-51.  This is a district highly favorable to McCain.  Sali needs to shore up his Republican base (20% of which are voting for the Democrat) and win back some Independents, who also break overwhelmingly for his opponent.  Right now voters back his challenger on the economy; Sali may have to take the fight to him there.

WY-AL is a tossupCynthia Lummis (R) is running to replace retiring GOP Rep. Barbara Cubin.  In a recent poll, Loomis trails her Democrat challenger by a point: 42-43.  The numbers for both candidates have hung around in the low-40s range for a while now, and neither candidate has been shown with a real lead.  Wyoming will most likely back Republicans this year for most other federal offices; Lummis needs to close the deal and win over the undecideds.


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