Looking on the Bright Side

To wash away the taste of some pretty bad news, here’s a new splash of hope for the GOP in the Senate.  In New Jersey, former Congressman Dick Zimmer has closed the gap a little with Democratic incumbent Sen. Frank Lautenberg.  He’s now trailing by only 7 points, 41-48, according to one poll.  In September, the gap was 40-51.  Lautenberg may be losing the support of independents.  He used to lead 60-33, but now it’s 37/43 Zimmer/Lautenberg.  The number of undecided independents has shot up.  This could be an opening for Zimmer, and the GOP may have a better chance of winning this Senate seat than, say, keeping Virginia’s.    The Philadelphia Inquirer has recently endorsed Zimmer.  If he can keep up the image of social moderate and fiscal realist, he could peel away enough independents to make this a very competitive race.  Do the independents of NJ really want an unchecked, hard-left Democratic Congress and president?


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