McClintock Update

Earlier, I profiled Tom McClintock, who’s running as the Republican candidate in CA-04.  This district is heavily Republican, so the territory should favor McClintock (the seat is held by retiring GOP Rep. John Doolittle).  But, looking over at Kos’s latest poll for the race, the numbers could be better.

McClintock (R) 42 (41)
Brown (D) 48 (46)

Among early voters (13 percent of respondents)

McClintock (R) 38
Brown (D) 56

McClintock needs to get more GOP support in the area (he currently wins only 74% of the GOP vote, according to this poll), and he needs more cash if  he wants to pull this one out.  McClintock’s people have released a poll with more favorable numbers for McClintock (showing him with a lead), but this race still could be locked down.

Read my post on McClintock if you want reasons why you should support him and think about what you can do for him.  If you’re a Republican in California, this is one House race in the balance—and one race where some on-the-ground effort could make a difference.


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