Polls 10/30

The races are narrowing a bit in New Hampshire.  Over the past few days according to one poll, John Sununu has narrowed Jean Shaheen’s lead from 14 to 8 points.  Some polls show Shaheen with a lead of about 6.  That can be made up.  Sununu could strengthen his support with Republicans a little, and he really needs to work on independents: emphasize oversight and things like the Washington Post‘s almost-endorsement of him.  The race is also tightening for NH-01, as former Rep. Jeb Bradley trailed the incumbent D by only 2 points—42-44.  There’s been a big swing in Bradley’s favor over the past few days.  This race is winnable.

In Minnesota, Norm Coleman now has a lead over Franken, 43-39 (there’s a third-party candidate running relatively strong, so there aren’t as many undecided voters as that poll may make it seem), according to Rasmussen: it’s been a six-point swing since last week.  Coleman may have the momentum now.  He needs to keep pressing.

Begich is up  8 over Ted Stevens in Alaska.

A new North Carolina poll shows Dole trailing by four; some have her trailing by less.  This could be tight.


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