Protecting the Second

Dave Kopel has an extensive examination of the viewpoints on the Second Amendment for the candidates for Senate races and select House races.  If gun rights are a big issue for you, definitely check out the list.  I’ll excerpt a few here (the grades are from the NRA and the Gun Owner’s of America):

McClintock has been an outstanding leader on right to arms issues in California. His 2001 speech on the subject in a classic, displaying a deep understanding of the importance of firearms ownership to a free society.

House, 4th District: Republican Tom McClintock (A,A) vs. Democrat Charlie Brown (B-,NR).

Five of the 50 most-competitive House races this year are here. Four of them involve pro-gun Republican incumbents facing anti-gun Democrats. The one endangered Democrat, Tim Mahoney, gets mixed grades and faces a pro-gun challenger.

Senate: Republican Mitch McConnell (A,B) vs. Democrat Bruce Lunsford (?,NR).

House, 3rd District: Republican Anne Northup (A,A-) vs. Democrat John Yarmuth (F,F).

Republican John Kennedy (A,A) vs. Democrat Mary Landrieu (C,F).

The Minnesota Senate vote could determine the outcome of many future filibusters.

Senate: Republican Norm Coleman (A,B) vs. Democrat Al Franken (F,F).

House, 3rd District: Republican Erik Paulsen (A,A) vs. Democrat Ashwin Madia (D,NR).

House, 6th District: Republican Michele Bachmann(A,A-) vs. Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg (AQ,C).

New Hampshire
Senate: Republican John Sununu (A,A) vs. Democrat Jeanne Shaheen (F,F).

House, 1st District: Republican Jeb Bradley (A,A) vs. Democrat Carol Shea-Porter (F,C-).
Governor: Republican Joe Kenney (A) vs. Democrat John Lynch (C) .

New Mexico
Senate: Republican Steve Pearce (A,A) vs. Democrat Tom Udall (C-,F).

North Carolina
In the open seat race for governor, the race is close between Republican Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory (B-) and Democratic Lt. Gov.
Beverly Perdue (A). Running for president in 2000, Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole (A,A) took criticized concealed handgun carry. But in the Senate, her voting record has been good. In a very tight contest, her opponent is Democrat State Sen. Kay Hagan (F,F). 8th District, south-central N.C.: Republican Rep. Robin Hayes (A,A) vs. Democratic schoolteacher Larry Kissell (AQ,B-).

Democratic Governor Christine Gregoire (C-) has a rematch with Dino Rossi (A), from whom she may have stolen the 2004 election. 8 District, eastern King and Pierce Counties: Republican Rep. Dave Reichert (B+,A-) vs. Democrat Darcy Burner (F,NR).

These statistics could certainly be helpful in places like North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Kentucky.


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