The Ground Game

We’re getting near the time when on-the-ground effort is going to make a big difference.  And I’m not just talking on the presidential level—I’m talking on every level, from city council to state senate to Congress to president.

Even if you don’t live in a “swing” state, there could be a lot of close Congressional races.  Even Illinois has some House races where some effort could tip the scales in favor of the GOP.  Your district seems solid one way or another—what about the district next door?  Maybe your state isn’t a swing state, but the one a few miles to east could be.

The polls are narrowing.  Obama’s got a killer organization out there, and he’s got loads of money.  It’s gonna take a lot of effort to counteract that.  Even though the Democrat-controlled Congress is enjoying levels of approval in the teens, there are a lot of races out there where Republicans are in trouble.

If you want to stop “major redistributive change,” now’s the time to act.

You want an end to the Barney Frank style of oversight, casting aspersions of racism and prejudice rather than trying to find real solutions to real problems?  Now’s your chance.

You want to fight back against the Obama “truth squads” and state officials snooping into the records of critics of Hope and Change?  Get out there and convince people to vote with you.

So you want to get involved?  There are countless ways you can help out.  Check out the Action Center at McCain’s website.  Or the Take Action page at the GOP’s site.  You can even phonebank from home! It’s that easy!

Contact the campaigns of your local House or Senate candidate.  Most webpages have a place where you can volunteer.  Congress is really really really important. And there are some races out there that could be decided by a very small margin. There are swing House races all over the country.  I’ve got a list of some swing Senate races here.

Ace is doing some great work coordinating GOTV networking here.  And he has some other good GOTV ideas.

If you can go out and pound on some doors for a campaign, great.  If you can help put up some signs for a campaign, great.  If you can drive campaign workers from one place to the next, great.  If you can photocopy things at a local campaign office, great.  If you can phonebank for a few hours, great.  If you can convince your Aunt Milly to pull the lever for the GOP, great.

Don’t back down.  Don’t give up.  Don’t lose hope.  Concentrate concentrate concentrate.  A few hours now could make a huge difference for the politics of the next few years.  So go outside, enjoy that beautiful fall weather.  Stay on that phone, make just one more call at the phonebank.  These races will be won step-by-step, vote-by-vote.

In the comments below, feel free to post what GOTV opportunities you know about or reports of your experiences canvassing/phonebanking/etc.  Also, you Myspacers and Facebookies out there, consider trying to build some enthusiasm among your online friends.  Send a GOTV message around (use mine if you want!); check out the online communities of  your different candidates.


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