Louisiana Senate: Really a Pick-up?

Okay, one poll released earlier this week showed Landrieu with a substantial lead, but John Kennedy‘s campaign is circulating another poll—one that shows him behind by a point.  The Politico has the details on the poll and analysis.

The OnMessage Inc. poll, conducted 10/27-29 for Kennedy’s campaign, surveyed 900 likely voters for a margin of error of +/- 3.3%. Landrieu and Kennedy were tested.

General Election Matchup

The numbers are a big improvement for Kennedy over recent polls that show Landrieu with a much bigger lead, including a Southeastern Louisiana University poll earlier this week that showed the Democrat leading by 19 points.

Kennedy’s campaign credits a new NRSC advertisement that paints Landrieu as a rubber stamp for Barack Obama (The two senators vote together 81% of the time, according to the ad), as well as popular Governor Bobby Jindal’s involvement in the race on Kennedy’s behalf. Here’s the NRSC’s new ad, which says she’s “not only corrupt, Landrieu is liberal”

That’s winnable.  Mary Landrieu has an “F” grade from the Gun Owners of America; Kennedy gets an “A” from both the NRA and GOA. Residents of the Bayou State who want to stop the Democrats from overriding every Republican filibuter, here’s your chance to help.


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