Who’s Going to Get a “Tax Cut” Again?

Bill Richardson is now talking about the bar for the “rich” being set at $120,000, not the $250,000 of yestermonth.  As Ed puts it,

Obama started at $250K, dropped to $200K, Joe Biden adjusted it to $150K earlier this week, and now it’s dropped another 20% since then.

CBS News has analyzed Obama’s budget priorities, and it finds that, based on his current “tax cut” plans, he can’t pay for all he’s said he’s going to pay for.  How’s he going to make up the difference?

Democrats are still talking about taxing your 401(k) plans and forcing you to “invest” 5% of your income in government-run accounts. Barney Frank’s talking about raising taxes and cutting defense allocations.

Are you worried about what’s going to happen to your tax bill?  Don’t be selfish.

You don’t have to give the left total controlIt’s not too late to get involved.


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