A few posts up at Ace of Spades on various get-out-the-vote adventures.  You want to participate in GOTV and are shy—don’t worry: there’s space for you, too!

I spent yesterday afternoon driving around a fantastic group of high school kids for GOTV. They were knocking on the doors of people who are considered likely Republican voters (i.e. unaffiliated NRA members) who don’t tend to make it to the polls. If they weren’t home, the students left literature. The kids were fantastic, and all it cost me was about $10 in gas to go to about 150 households. (Well, that plus the gatorade and water and Tylenol I bought them because they were experiencing altitude sickness, such is the hazard of coming to Colorado from California.) If you are not a person who likes talking to people, this is an excellent way to volunteer, as my job was to just stay in the car and figure out where to go next, and record whether people were home and their responses as to who the households were voting for. Call your local office and see if they need extra drivers, or need someone to be on standby for a shift in case someone doesn’t show up.

In Colorado, the Victory offices are still looking for poll watchers. If you want to be a poll watcher, you need to sign up immediately, as you have to go through training. They seem to be especially looking for lawyers. The training, at least in Colorado, seems to consist of a scheduled 1.5 hour web seminar, and a conference call on Monday.

Here’s another post where people relate their GOTV experiences.



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