Via Neoneocon via Ace, an old Harper’s profile on Obama.  Guess what: with a smaller Democrat majority in Congress, his goals would be more modest:

Obama said he had no doubt that if the Democrats controlled Congress, it would be possible to move forward on important progressive legislation. The alternative, until then, is to be opportunistic and look for areas where he can get enough Republican support to actually get a bill passed. That, he said, “means that most of the legislation I’ve proposed will be more modest in its goals than it would be if I were in the majority party.”

And later,

“Progressives have a harder job. They need a big enough majority to initiate bold proposals.”

How bold do you want a President Obama’s proposals to be?  Would you like some other energy producers bankrupted?  Or are coal-factory builders enough? How high do you want your energy prices to skyrocket?

Congress can be moderatedIt’s not too late.


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