Not Over Tomorrow?

Are you ready for Georgia?  Saxby Chambliss is locked in a tight re-election race.  He seems to have a slight lead now against his Democratic opponent, but there could be a little wrinkle: under Georgia law, if no candidate gains over 50% of the vote, there’s a runoff election.  How do Chambliss’s recent polling numbers look?


In the U.S. Senate race, incumbent Republican Saxby Chambliss has a 4-point lead, but less than the majority needed to avert a runoff with Democrat Jim Martin, according to the poll.

Chambliss leads in the poll, 48 percent to 44 percent. Libertarian Allen Buckley won support of 5 percent of those polled. Three percent said they were undecided.

RCP shows Chambliss not cracking 50% that much since September.

So, if no candidate scores above 50% in tomorrow’s GA Senate race, we could be seeing a runoff election on December 2.


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One Response to “Not Over Tomorrow?”

  1. wilsonrofishing Says:

    Looks like Chambliss is going to win pretty handily, by over a ten point margin.

    The big loser in Georgia today: Ludacris!

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