Small Mercies

Amidst all the unfortunate defeats, there is a slight ray of hope in the Senate: it looks like Republicans maybe—just maybe—will maintain the ability to filibuster.  Though the GOP lost in North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Virginia, and Colorado, Republicans were able to keep the endangered Senate seats in Kentucky and Mississippi.  Georgia hasn’t yet been declared for Saxby Chambliss yet, but, with 97% of the precincts in, he leads his Democratic opponent 51-45 (though he needs to get one vote above 50% in order to avoid a runoff in December).  If nothing upsets this balance, Republicans will have at least 41 votes in the Senate.

Hope may still endure in Minnesota and Oregon, too.  With 81% of precincts in, Norm Coleman has a slight lead over Al Franken.  With 42% of precincts in in Oregon, Gordon Smith just barely trails the Democrat.  Of course, these numbers will change.  Check out CNN maps for MN and OR.

And who knows what could happen in Alaska.

So maybe at least 41 votes….


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