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Look to 2010

November 11, 2008

Patrick Ruffini has a good point here:

So, I implore you, quit focusing on 2012, and focus on 2010 and on showing the Republican Party can rebuild at the state legislative, Congressional, and statewide levels in 2010. (That’s where we’re starting with Rebuild the Party.) Start blogging about potential candidates for Congress now. Even if we somehow manage to unseat Barack Obama in 2012, it won’t mean very much if our ranks in the House and Senate remain decimated, and we’ve redistricted into oblivion until 2022.

The Next Right as a whole is having a great conversation about some of the means for Republican renewal.


Fighting On

October 29, 2008

Patrick Ruffini has a somewhat positive post up about endangered Democratic incumbents in the House.  He notes the fact that entrenched encumbents may face their own challenges this year.

In an anti-incumbent environment, it’s not necessarily freshmen who are most endangered. They’re the ones who know it’s coming, who usually had to fight a tough campaign the last time out, and who aren’t as closely tagged with Washington. It’s corrupt, entrenched members in winnable seats.